SQL Server – Script to Identify and Update Database Auto-Growth Setting

This is literally one of the best scripts I’ve found. It’s a DISA CAT I finding for SQL 2008 R2/2012 if auto-growth of transaction logs is set to be a percentage. This quickly allows you to modify the auto-growth values. A very helpful script!


An auto-growth event is the process by which the SQL Server engine expands the size of a database file when it runs out of space. The amount by which a database file should grow is determined by the value that is set in the SQL configuration. While every organization has its own standards for this setting, however there are some widely followed best practices like for instance the auto-growth setting should not be in percent value

In this post I have put down two scripts that you can customize per your organizational standards. The first script helps you to identify the current settings and the second one can be used to update auto-growth settings. Both the scripts are targeted for all the databases by default, however you can call out the databases that you want to exclude from this change. Please make sure that you test these changes before pushing out to production servers.

Script 1: Identify…

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